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Muttahidah FZE

Today, high tech business success is determined by three main factors: quality, innovation and speed of decisionmaking. The customer is the one who sets the requirements.

Muttahidah is a company specialized in the field of high and new technologies such as facial and vocal biometrics, technological and computer security. The technical expertise and focus of our teams around its technologies, have allowed Muttahidah to receive the trust of many companies including the private sector, public and government.

Muttahidah FZE puts at the heart of its activity the satisfaction of its customers. As a specialist reseller and distributor, our customers want to offer the best service and the best products to their consumers, whether private or professional.

Muttahidah is the preferred partner, distributor and reseller of several high-tech manufacturers, Biomedical Factory, manufacturers and brands that have proven themselves in terms of innovation and quality.

We distribute, market and integrate different product lines and we are surrounded by the biggest brands:, iDirect, Mikrotik, RSA, Motorola Solutions, etc., while offering complementary products through our brands.

Therefore, our task is to continuously explore current market needs, anticipate future trends and customer expectations and plan our activities accordingly. It is crucial for us to have reliable data about the level of customer satisfaction, to increase the speed of product development and market launch, as well as the speed of reaction to market changes and needs.


To provide a high quality product, we constantly carry out modernization of the existing solutions. One of our main principles is the adaption of any product to specific operating conditions. Predesign inspection of facilities, training services and technical support. All these factors help us improve our work and create the most comfortable conditions for our clients.


“We strongly believe in our technologies, as they provide a natural way of interaction between humans and computers. Our products solve the most urgent tasks of our customers, providing new information and making their lives easier and safer”.

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